28 May, 2007

No.04: Inner Mongolia - Photo Session

In Tang Dynasty Dress
(04-16th July, 2004)

It was a glorious day. The sun was streaming down warmly on my skin and I can't have enough of the blue sky. Another day in Inner Mongolia. I've bought a second-hand bicycle to use during my stay there. It was more fun to pedal around the city as it wasn't very big and has less traffic. Cathy and I would cycle in and around the city.

On that delightful, warm and sunny day, we decided to go shopping. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but we thought it such a shame to waste the beautiful day staying indoors. Cathy and I often went window shopping, so we made up our minds to go out as usual. We came upon a photo studio which offers professional photos for a surprisingly reasonable price. I've often enquired in Xian on the same but haven't had the time or chance to make it into reality.

We went into the studio, asked about the price range then selected the dresses of my choice. I was very tempted to take pictures with the beautiful and delicate wedding dresses. Sadly I reckon that'll have to wait :P We made an ideal bargain and in we went into the studio. The beautician 'plastered' my face and viola! I was ready. However, my hair was a different problem as I had it short at that time and found it pretty difficult to style it altogether other than using wigs!

The photo session began. Relax.. relax... click.. put your right hand up smile.. click..click.. RELAX.. lean back a little more.. smile SMILE.. click..change your dress..ok now relax...And all this said in chinese to Cathy who then translated it to me. I felt like a zombie...Nothing was overlooked - Every little detail was given importance, from tilting my head to my fingers which at that time I found quite unnecessary. But the photographer knows best and I just relented.The shooting went on and on.To me it feels like ages. By the time we were finished, I was quite exhausted but with a great sense of accomplishment!

From this experience, my long time desire(I guess it's every young girl's dream) to be an aspiring model was partially reversed. The 'looking good, high salary and popular' part still retains, but the photo session - ummm...that's something else. I just never thought it to be that tiring :) But once again, it's an experience which doesn't come by easily and it will be fondly remembered and the pictures treasured.


  1. ainchh..einchh..eizonna lo hai nih hi mole!

  2. Wow..sitar bon top top..thlalak hi save ngal chur chur mai dawnnn,phal em???:-P

  3. @Beii: ABC leh eitur dang kawm a dahah in volunteer ve top don haha!

    @Sekibuhchhuak: I duh phot te chuan phal sohbeh...man pe hial a ka photos save duh tur zawn mai ka duh..akekekeke!