01 June, 2007

No.05: Official Blog Release :)

Today, on the 1st of June 2007 (12:07 a.m) , I hereby officially release my Blog posts for public view. Feel at home... Take a seat, have a cuppa coffee and enter my "blorld" (blog+world). And oh yes, don't forget the cookies. :o)


  1. A ropui thuai thuai khawp a lawm in chet meuh chuan.....good job..

  2. happy blogging!keep them coming...tute emo angin cholhsan mai oih loh! hahhah

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyy....nalh khawp mai hei..! Thalak te chu van nalh ve aww..meinu meinu..hehe.

    ti hi chuan,luck leh dawn anih hi..:)

  4. ehem, thain mawi lutuk tlat. Keep it up.

  5. That's so nice place to share your feelings to the friends you have. Keep it on.
    I'll be here to share the wonderful moment with you.

  6. lali nge nge,mawi ltk ringot,nangchu thlalak te i dah thiam bik a,i thlalak ang hian laka dah ve ka duh eeeeeeelol,tha lutuk ringot,keep going on.

  7. Hmmmmm chhelo chiangkhop mai i lo in thuprei khop mai! You did a gud job keep going

  8. Hi friends, I was away for the weekend from friday evening and just came back today.So I wasn't able to check my blog. Good to see you all here.

    @Camouflage: ropui tih em em cu...ti zahthlak...a ang ve chauh zok alom :o)

    @Beii: Thnx Beii. Tute emo kha lo tih tan tir leh la...ziah tur a hre teuh tohin ka ring :)

    @Sekibuhchhuak: Nuam thin chiang..mi hi i fak(der) leh hluai thin a...smooch!

    @Rem: Thnk Q

    @Rachel: Hoping to see more of u in da future :)

    @Faerie: Lali, minlo tloh phots chuan dah dan ka silh sim sim ang ce.lolz

    @Ben: Most welcome. Thought you'd never make it :-)

  9. Brilliant blogging. I really enjoyed it. Let's have some more.

  10. Hi David, so u finally made it eh!!:P Hope you'll stick around. I'll probably update once I'm less busy. Don't be surprised if you u and Joe are in my later publications :)