04 June, 2007

No.06: Xi'an - Cui Hua Shan

Heavenly Pool
(3rd June, 2007)

A month before, my friends and I decided to go for a days tour away from Xi'an for the weekend. But it was kinda difficult to set an ideal date together when we'd all be free. So 3rd June seemed to be a favourable time for us all and hence marked our diaries for the wonderful day out together.

However, as mentioned in my previous post, I hadn't been in the best of my health of late. Now that I've fully recovered, I woke up on Saturday morning with mixed feelings. The morning started off being fairly hot. The weather forecast for that particular day was around 39 deg.cel which dampens my desire to go to a certain extent. I went anyway with the intention to make the best out of the day.

We hired a van as we were a rather large group of 11 friends altogether(6 Australians and 5 Mizo's). We started off from Xi'an at 8:30 am towards the famed 'Cui Hua Shan' (Cui Hua Mountain) which was about an hours ride from where we started. Though I've been to Cui Hua Shan before, I went late in the afternoon to join my friends and had missed the chance to see most of the places. This time, I was determined to have a smashing time.

When we reached several kilometres still shy from our destination, by Jove.......we found out too late the road was under construction these days! We arranged for the van particularly to drop us at the top of the mountain to avoid having to walk on foot. And yet here we are...left with no alternative but to gradually make our way up to (I guess) more than a kilometer to catch a van to reach the main gate, and from there we had to catch yet another bus to reach the top of the mountain! The sun seems to enjoy our ill luck and was burning down on us mercilessly. We walked past rough and dusty road that has been unearthed, dug and furiously drilled by huge machines.

After paying for the entrance fee, we took a bus, crossed a tunnel drilled through a mountain and finally reached our destination. The sight that greeted us was so amazing that I forgot all my tiredness to absorb the scenic beauty that nature offered. I found that the dusty rough climb, van plus bus ride up which seemed determined to break me down is now fully worth it.It was like drinking sweet cool spring water after prolonged thirst.

Tunnel in the mountain

I tried out the 'flying fox' (I don't exactly know why it's called 'flying fox'), which has a long cable attached from one post to the other. I was straddled to a seat like a parachute, and wheeeeeeeee..... Exhilarating!!

But the major highlight of our day out is the 'jetski'.....I went ... vrrrroooooom....vrrroooom on the jetski all driven by myself with the instructor sitting right behind me....I could feel the wind on my face as I raced around speedily on the lake.I felt very proud of myself being able to maneuver the water bike on my own...hooray!!

What an awesome day!


  1. Van nawm hmel ve aww..khitiang a,hrui inthlunga uai khi lommm..kan taksa a vun zawng2 fel tak a,an in bilh luhna lai hi a za duh lutuks...:-P

  2. Seki, nuam ve deuh asin...oii, ngam ve elo..doihzep viau turah kalo ngai ce asin..:P Ahkhaih ka hriatsual...Rambo kha ini tlat ah...lolz