17 August, 2007

No.12: Henan - Longmen Grottoes

Longmen Grottoes
(3rd October 2004)
Though I had a months' break from blogging, I think it best to wrap up the Henan Trip before turning my attention to the recent ones. Let me get back to my Luoyang tour. I've written about the Shaolin Temple visit and I'd also like to mention our Longmen Grottoes visit. Since one day is quite enough for visiting the Shaolin Temple, my friends and I felt that we could then spend our time going to other places of interest in and around Luoyang. We decided to go to the Longmen Shiku (Dragon Gate Grottoes) the day after we went to the Shaolin Temple.

I wasn't sure what the Longmen Grottoes was all about. Is it a park, Lake, museum or Temple? As my initial intention to go to Henan was solely focused on visiting the Shaolin Temple, I wasn't sure what to expect. Neither did I undertake any research to find out places other than the Shaolin Temple prior to our going.

We took a taxi and on reaching the entrance, we bought our tickets for 80 RMB at the Dragon Gate.I soon found out the Longmen Grottoes to be an ancient Buddhist Cave art. It was named the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in November 2000. It is located just 13 Kilometers south of Luoyang.
With the Yi River washing along the gorge, it has a series of caves flanked on both the mountainside. In it were numerous carvings of Buddha. Apparently there were more than 100,000 statues, some small ones and the biggest, as tall as 56.23 feet. But mind you, if you ever plan to go there make sure that you have comfortable walking shoes as the whole place covered a kilometer from north to south.

The Qianxi Temple, the Three Binyang Caves, Ten Thousand Buddha Caves, Laolong Cave, the Lotus Cave, Fengxian Temple etc., in Longmen are awesome. Especially, once finding out that some of these carvings dated back to 493 AD, makes me wonder and rejoice on how we humans are specially designed and created with wonderful craftsmanship and unique talents.


  1. Van ngaihnawm em em ve le,i lo van zin kual nasa tawh ve aww..ChinaMizo ah chuan,china ram hmu nasa ber i nih tawh dawn hi,di de mai:D

  2. Kal ve va chakawm ve aw, zinvah pah a thilthar han hmuh hi chu rilru a ti nuam khawp a lawm. Hei ka phulohin minlo link a, ka zak lutuk ka ling(link) vek a lawm. Ka zin ve hunah thil tha deuh kalo post ve ang. Zin hman hian kan khawsa rauh silo a lawmle :-)

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  4. Interesting place! Reminds me of Ajanta caves near Aurangabad, Maharashtra...

  5. @Claytonia vices: Ajanta Cave is definitely one of the many places I'd like to visit in the future...:)