21 August, 2007

No.13: Guizhou - On the train

10th July 2007
This summer holiday witnesses the highest record of travel influx in China. It amounts to 10 million person per day! Incredible-isn’t it? During this peak season, the price for plane tickets doubled and getting hold of train ticket becomes a matter of great concern for many students and travelers alike. The number of days when tickets can be bought ahead,differs with different provinces. The tickets cannot be ‘booked’ or sold before the days fixed by the different Provincial Governments.

Being fully aware of the situation, I still decided to travel to the southern part of China this time. It’s a decisive choice I have to make every summer holiday. The choice to stay in the ‘almost’ nonfunctional (institution, restaurants, supermarkets and other shops) campus during the holidays or travel in over-crowded train or busses or pricy plane. The latter choice mostly outweighs the former one :)
Train Ticket
I love traveling by train and I actually prefer it to planes or busses. It’s less noisy than flying by plane, less bumpy than busses or cars and I can thoroughly enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. With regard as to 'where' to travel, I had various options and endless time to kill (2 months). I didn’t chalk out any clear-cut plan. I just intended to head out for the first 'planned' destination, stay there as long as I felt like it, and then undertake another (unplanned) journey. This way it would be more time consuming as well as exciting.

Travellers sitting in the aisle
At the invitation of my colleague, my first destination was Guiyang the capital of Guizhou province, which takes 26 hours by train from Xi'an. As suspected, I could not get hold of the sleeper ticket at first and so I had to sit in the hard-seat in an over-crowded compartment.Even the aisles and areas around the toilets and smoking area were full of people standing and squatting on the floor.I informed the conductor to give me a sleeper ticket as soon as it's available. I guess noticing that I’m a lone foreign female traveler, he must have had compassion on me, and eventually gave me the first sleeper ticket available after roughing up for about 2 hours. Of course, I had to pay more for it. What a relief! There were less people and more room in the sleeper compartment and I was very grateful indeed. Once comfortably on my bunk, I could then relax and eventually go to sleep.

Hard-seat compartment

I have the tendency to be elated whenever I travel to new places. The night before I reached Guiyang, though I’ve researched and learned all I could about Guiyang, I still recollect thinking what kind of people, food, climate etc I’m going to see, feel and experience. Gaining knowledge from books and internet about places is totally different from experiencing it first hand. I was full of anticipation and eagerness to see and know more about the place I’m about to visit…this is life…I smiled…then I drifted off to sleep..
Hard-sleeper compartment


  1. :) Train ah kan la chhuang mek a,eng tik nge Guiyang kan thlen ang awww..Thlen vat vat a van chakawm tawh ve leee..:D

    Chhuat a thu ho te phei khi chuan an ning tawh ngawt ang chu..::DD

  2. i train journey i sawi chu Europe chanchin a ni dawn emo ka tia :) Hungary ah te khan i kal a ni lawmni? lolz, ka spy tiah tiah i ti em? :)

  3. Lal Seki-te, lo intipachang hram hram teh. Kan thleng tep toh ania *_*

    Illusionaire, spy tiah tiah khups tak mai. Europe chu kal angah min ngai la, kal ka ni mai...ni mai lom ni?..heh heh

  4. poi ltk chu mo jinx te,mutna i chang hma ltk a,zankhat tal chu athutna chiah khan han chung tlaivar ve chhinla ka ti,nuam mai mai reuh ltk hahaha,hmanni kan lo zin khan in khua atanga beijing thleng kan thu alom,a tihnon chi toh lo khupsss mai.mutthluk dan posi a chhe duh ltk hahaha.

  5. hehehe... Ka blog a Mizo blog Directory a i rawn in register lai tak khan, khawi Ramah nge i awm han ngaihtuah vang vang la... :) :) :)

    Nia... he khawvel hi chu a lo te tawh a nih hi... lolz.

  6. Chinese train ticket hi cut ve ila ka kalna tur ka bo map ang tih te kalo ngaihtuah ve mai mai a :-)

  7. Faerie, keipoh Beijing ka kal khan ka thu toh alom. Hahthlak khups mai.Tuntum seat ka chang thuai chu ka lom teh mai ania.Mutthluk an phuau kha ka duh tohlo re re ania :)

    @illusionaire: blog en theihlohna lamah khawvel hmun hran hranah en turin kan zin kual toh mai alom. Ch-k tawh triah triah ania...hehehe

    @Sawmpui: Kalna bo map hian han chhuak thuai mai ila....exciting duh phian asin *_*

  8. Dear jinx,mawng mu chur chura thut kha anomdan adang asin,kan zin bik riau va...la ti leh ngat teh!!!!kan khuaah lokalla chu aw,Gou bao rou-in kan lo hraipuar tur che,i lo kal suh lova,om aloms!

  9. "Gaining knowledge from books and internet about places is totally different from experiencing it first hand." - Anton Chekov The Bet kha he lai hian min ti hrechhuak zawk, a engemaw lai ber kha, ka hre tawh chiah lo na in chiang tak chuan.

    In ram lam train chuan zin chu a nuam zawk paw'n a awm alom, India ram train hi zawng, hreawm chawr chawr eeeee sin.

  10. @Anon: Mawng mu chur chur a thut kha e...a nawm dan a nuamlo, lolz! Lo ngawi tak rawh, Gou bao rou ei tur chuan kala lo kal thut maithei ania. Inring rengin lo awm phawt teh khai:P

    @Jerusha: Ka blog milo len luh sak chu i ti lomom hle mai. I blog ah keipoh ka ron leng lut fo asin. Mizo bloggers zingah chuan ka rating ah chuan first class ah ka dah che ania :)

    Guwahati atanga South India train a ka zin kual tum chuan nuam ka ti tho asin....ka mu nasa raps mai...hahaha. Mahse thianza hova zin kan nih vang poh ani mahna le *_*

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