25 August, 2007

No.14: Guizhou - Huangguoshu Waterfall

Huangguoshu Waterfall
12th July 2007
Guizhou is located in the southwest of China. It’s one of the provinces that have high percentage of minority people. After 26 hours journey, I finally reached Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou at around 7:00 pm. Guiyang is named the “City of Gardens” because of the abundance of flowers and trees due to its moist subtropical climate. I was warmly received by my friend who came all the way from Duyun, a small city about 3 hours away by train. We checked into a hotel and finally had a long restful night.

I would have loved to rest the next day, but my friend has planned for us to go to Anshun, located 150 km from Guiyang. We set out early the next morning (yawn…) in a (thankfully) comfortable train that takes about 4 hours. On reaching Anshun, we first checked into a fairly nice hotel and then headed for Huangguoshu Waterfall about an hours ride by the local bus and then by a bus shuttle. I really enjoyed the bus ride as we passed beautiful mountains with lush greenery covering the hillside.

We made a detour first to Doupotang, a fairly small waterfall 1 km upstream of Huangguoshu and then passed through clusters of minor waterfalls forming fantastic natural views.

Duopotang Waterfall

Huangguoshu is the largest waterfall in Asia and the third largest in the world (As claimed by the Chinese). It is 243 feet (74 meters) high and 266 feet (81 meters) wide. The thunder of the falls can be heard for some distance. It has three different vantage points offering the best views.

We reached our destination late in the afternoon. It’s a rather long walk from the entrance gate to the waterfall. We had to hike down long fight of steps. It’s a good thing I took my umbrella along as the force of the waterfall causes light shower. It’s very wet, slippery and dark (because of the thick mass of trees) The mist from the waterfall rises up like thick cloud to the village above, opposite to the waterfall. Unfortunately, the water was murky as it rained two/three days back. Yet, I’m thankful for the opportunity to add this to my list of "Places I’ve visited".


  1. A Tui te chu Ri Hum hum in,
    Phul bulh bulh mahsela,
    Kan hlau chuang hek lovang...:DD

  2. e, i zin chanchin i ziah mai bakah chhiar pah a en tur a thlalak awm te hian chhiar a ti nuam zual in ka hria.. nuam bik hle mai...

  3. Eimen eimen Seki :)

    Ekhai, James-a chu i rawn leng lut teh hlawl a iva ti lawmawm ve mole. I ron leng lut fo don nia.Lung i ti leng eee :P