04 September, 2007

No.16: Guizhou - Zhilin Cave

Zhilin Cave
13th July 2007
Day two in Anshun was spent about four hours trekking (unintentionally) and touring the Zhilin Cave. We took a local mini-bus which took us about an hour to reach the main gate. I was particularly thrilled with the bus ride which took us through beautiful landscape and villages. The passengers range from tourists to a woman from one of the many minority groups in China. This woman is attired in a traditional dress with a very interesting head band.

It was only after sometime we got down from the bus that I found that my camera case with the spare battery in it was missing! I could do without the case, but not without the spare battery. The one in my camera was already half used and I was counting on the spare battery. Sheeeesh! On an act of impulse, I wanted to immediately pursue the bus. But then the gate-keepers assured me saying that the bus would return soon. Even if the bus did come back, my major fear was that the passengers from the other end would find and keep the case.

I had no choice but to wait. Well...I never liked waiting. In that case, I could definitely say my patience was tried to the extreme limit! Finally, the bus came back and the gatekeepers flagged it down and quickly explained the situation to the driver. I rushed in...and to my greatest relief...my camera case was still lying on the floor, which I must have dropped in my frenzy when taking pictures of the villages on our way. What a close call! Phew!

It was a fairly hot day and the tour started with the not so pleasant incident. To make things worse, after two hours trekking up and down mountains and narrow path, we got suspicious as to why we were the only people going in that direction. After enquiring with the very few people coming from the opposite direction we found out that we had entered from the back gate! We weren’t prepared for such a long walk. We were further told that we were still very far away from our destination! Grrrrrrrrr...My legs were aching and I was sweating profusely by then. But there was no stopping...even if we turned back the way we came...no...no...two hours to retrace our steps...no way! What a dilemma we were in!

The plus point of our exhausting trekking was that we got to see beautiful sceneries at various intervals. After about two more hours of further trekking, we finally reached Zhijin Cave. That too accidentally...!!

Lemme explain...There was this huge cave on the way with steps going down to the bottom. I was too tired to even attempt and go down. I sat down at the entrance waiting for my friend who was still energetic enough to investigate it. After a while, she called out to me telling me how beautiful it was and asked me to join her. I thought, ’I’m never coming back here, so why don’t I just ignore my tiredness for today and be adventurous’. My joining her turned out to be very favorable for both of us. As we wandered further into the cave, both fascinated by the walkway kept floating on top of the river, we ended up in this enormous dark cave illuminated with beautiful colored lights.

There were boats that would take visitors around the different caves through narrow passageways. We boarded one and felt as if floating in a magical place. The caves are spacious and room after room, often reaching from floor to the ceiling, was stalactites and stalagmites. The karst precipitation of calcium deposits, formed into spectacular spirals and shapes, are definitely a rare and fantastic sight.

As we went from cave to cave I found that all the different caves hold unique beauty. One of the tourists, probably fascinated by the cave began singing in his rather loud baritone voice which echoed throughout the caves. At the end of his song, he received warm applause from the rest of the tourists from several other boats.

As we rowed out of the cave on the other end, we were suddenly hit by the bright sunlight and heat, a stark contrast to the cool and dark but beautiful sight just a minute ago. We then headed back to Anshun tired and yet contented at having seen one of the most spectacular caves I've ever come across.


  1. Ua se..! Van nalh hlawm ve.Hetiang puk hi China-ah hian a lo awm nual a nih hi.Yunnan pawh hian pahnih lai kan nei( ka hriat theih chinah).

    Okhey,kunming rawn thleng trep tawh e:D

  2. Seki, nie thleng tep tawh maithei ania...

  3. Nawm hmel bon. James bond movie a mite pawh a ang dawn dawn alawm le :)ka link ah ka dah che a nia, poi i tih loh chuan

  4. Thiani,the beauty of your 'Boundless' is really boundless,am speechless,hehehheh.
    Jia You ..

  5. Maruat: 'Zo'-Bond movie kan siam ve mai don mi hehehe...Thnx for linking me.Hei keipoh ka link che ania.Hope u don't mind.

    @Chinatreasures: I'm glad u enjoyed the 'boundless' beauty of the pics.I'm sure you'd enjoy heaps too if u were there in person :)

  6. E, tunlai phai chu star movie ah hian zan lamah hian bond a mawlh hi an lo chhuah leh thin a, idea ka nei tha tawh teh a nia..lolz..ka blog chhete ina link a lo hlawh ve chu ka lawm khawp mai. Thank you. khalam tawng khan xie xie in tia mi kha :p

  7. Nawm hmel khawp mai, interesting read too. I can't enlarge the photos. or was it my system???

  8. Maruat, keipoh J.Bond fan ka nia.A hlui ho kha hmuhnom ka ti zok mah..an sophisticated gadgets vel kha turu ka ti thei thin raps mai mole lolz.'xiexie' cu hmang dik lubuks!

    Thnx mnowluck. Regarding the photos, i don't think it's ur system 'coz I've got da same problem here.I still can't figure out why some can and others cannot be enlarged.Thing is...I uploaded all the photos the same way.Perhaps you can help me :)

  9. Pu Dema leh Pi Teteii te'n sept 6 khan fapa an nei ve ta. Kg 3 leh gr 400 a ni awm e.

  10. Oho avan lawmawm ve Maruat. Anni hi ka contact hleithei tlat lo tun hnai ah hian. An neih don ni awm vel kha kan hriat ani maia, min ron hrilh a ka lom khop mai.Xiexie :)

  11. wc:)an fapa hmingah daniel-a an phuah ta e..mizo hming a la nei lo a ni awm e..khalam hming pawh a la nei lo...anni lamin an la rawn sawi lo tlat a ti che u a nia..lolz...pu dema chuan i msg a hmu a mahse a chhiar thei lo a ni awm e.

  12. Puk.. Mizoramah pawh puk hmingthang deuh AIIpuk kan nei :-) Puk nalh hle mai. Kan naupanlai Ramhlun indoor stadium hnuai meichher nen a kan vah dawn dawn lai te kha min ti hrechhuak e. Puk lam zir mi hi pukology kan tia maw kan rawn tir chho ang a ilo tirchhuk ve leh dawn nia :-) Good post very hmuhnawming.

  13. @Maruata: Ummm...China return Daniela pahnih kan nei don ta ni mauh..Vawna te fapa lah kha heta piang, a hming Daniela ni toh bok si...Lomom nasa anih chu..A chinese hming tur chu kanlo ngaihtuah mek e :o)

    @Sawmpuia: Ti lomomings lubuks :}. 'Pukology' chu ka beng a verh zar mai...helamah an zir ve angem oo? I tih takah chuan 'Pukologian' nih ka chak thar ta riau mai...hehheee

  14. Jinx, nomhmel kher mai!!kal ve chakom hlemai!!kan la kal ve mahna...china hi a mawi ani tiru?? BTW,maruata chu ilo la dam ker ani mo??mumbai i chhuahsan thu Pu Rinawma'n min lo hrilhve tak asin,kal pawh a chakom tawhlo,hmelhriat an vang tan tlat toh,kan lo rei ve ta anih hi mo le!!!

  15. Ka nau Sino-te i chu ilo len luh ve tehhlawl a! I ti lomom ngei mai :)

    Nie, hmun nalh tak tak anlo nei thluah anih hi. Mahse anni chu an ram nalh lai hi an sawngbawl peih a, tourist ho attract nan.Awhawmin hmuhnawm thin hlawm ngawt mai.