14 September, 2007

No.17: Guizhou - Duyun

14th-24th July 2007
After touring the different places of interest in Anshun, we finally headed for Duyun where my friend was posted to enroll new students during the summer holidays. After being informed that it is a fairly small city compared to other cities with the population of uumm...4.6 million people :) (mind you...it's considered as a 'small' city), I looked forward to go to Duyun just to spend several days relaxing and exposing myself to its culture and environment.

Prior to my going, my friend had arranged for a hotel by the side of a river that has a good view. It was surprisingly cheap (22RMB = about Rs.130 per night) and has fairly good facility complete with a television set. The food however is quite expensive in Duyun and wasn't to my liking. I ended up liking the 'cold noodle' that has reasonable price, tastes good and served my purpose conveniently with the weather being hotter than expected.

The people in Duyun are down-to-earth and easy-going. There are several bars and discothèque near my hotel and I really enjoyed the nightlife that goes on round the clock. At around 7pm, many food stalls would be set up along the riverside and hundreds of stalls that sells clothes, books, cosmetics and goods of all kinds could be found in the city along the pavements. Goods sold there were cheap too. I spent ten days in Duyun and I basically spent the days in the hotel, as it was quite hot during the daytime. Then my friend and I would take a walk in the evening, have our supper then would go on a shopping spree. Aaaaah! That sure was life...splendid way of having a true holiday :)

I guess majority of the locals can swim. Other than the river, there is a huge swimming pool and other recreation island-like built in the middle of the river. To get to this place, we had to walk across a ropeway. Besides swimming pool, there were a few basketball grounds, several pool tables and restaurants there. I got to like Duyun more the longer I stayed.

It was also in Duyun that I was introduced to a new kind of sport (Or at least new to me). Every morning and evening, the local people would swim in the river. I could see them enjoying and cooling themselves from my hotel window. It's a pity that I can't swim. Some middle-aged locals would perform, what I call it a 'bamboo pole riding/acrobat' :} (I don't even know the name of this sport. Check out my pictures).

A long bamboo pole is kept afloat on the water, and a man/woman would stand on the pole holding a smaller bamboo to maintain the balance. They would then row themselves along the river using the small bamboo. I was very impressed with their ability to maintain the difficult feat of balance and coordination. For some, it's not easy either. They would go...plomp...into the water. They would then climb back again...and plomp...into the water over and over again. However, some of them were very skilled. The fact that most of these performers were middle-aged makes it more fascinating. Try as I may, I just can’t imagine myself trying out this difficult feat...let alone in taking simple exercise *_*


  1. siannu chu i van tloh tam tok tak em tiro,a chakom ve reuh khop mai mautlon a han ding vel kha mahse ka tla nasa ang chu hahaha.lala tihdan takah nang hi i vak de de reng mai.engtikah tak vak de de man hmuchhuak ang che mo?

  2. Siannu faerie, vah de de man hmuhchhuah tih lamah chuan ka tluklo takzet ce anih hi, nang chu vakchhuah tam ngai vaklovin a man i hmuchhuak der toh sia hehee

  3. Tlawh tur a mual mual pawh i hriat hi le :P.

    A tawp ber a mi khi nangmah ni chiang mai,kan save hmeks tenggggg :DD

    @ faerie : duh leh a vak de de a nga i sawi tur a awm louh auh :))

  4. tluk tehreng e nauvi,hei a vak de de ho hian han manchhuak nalh ula kan lola vak de de ve mai ang.hahaha tunge sekibuhchhuak ve huam huam hi,i soitur aomlo te chu la ti khanglang zui lehnghal,lo hrilh roh ka theh fourwheel don ania heh.

  5. @Seki: Ngal hi chak ve hrim2 a e,tlawh nghek zel mai mole...lolz

    Insum hram roh o tlangval.Ka lan sexy lohna lai deuh te poh save ve bok la... :P

    @Faerie: Nang chu vah ngaih tohloh khaaa...ngahnge maw vah phet la tum le hehehe

    Seki leh Faerie: Zahngai..zahngai...Khatin inhau vak vak lovin intipachang dun hram2 teh un. Inla 'inkawm' duh ang...*_*

  6. "remna inchungah awm rawh se" Vak de de te, vak du du te, vak satliah te, vak rawlai te, vakvai te, vak zeuh zeuh te ka hnenah lokal vek rawh u.

    I zinna chu va nuamawm ve keipawh mumang a that thut chuan in ram lam kha ka rawn kal thut mai thei a ni. Mahse la chiangkuanglo nakum lamah daih pawh a nih hmel.

  7. interesting idea..bamboo walking on the water..chakawm ve khawp mai..lol..Kan Lal Isua hunlai te pawh min hriatchhuahtir e..shopping naah chuan i lei hnem awm tiah tiah :)

  8. @Sawmpui: Vah chitin rengin kalo kal don mi ang...hehehe. Mahse i mumang a that hlauhva ilo kal don tho chuan ka ring nghal mai ang o. Ilo kal ngei theih nan van lamah dilna kan kap chho zawih2 ang :)

    @Maruat:Lo zir chr chr roh...kanla intihsiak donnia hehehe...

    Thil cu ka lei hnem angreng ltk a, zin bag thar lei ka ngaih phah alom.Chutah hmun dangah kala zin kual zel bok sia,,,remchanglo duh angreng taktak ani.Very 'bawring' mole *-*

  9. swimsuit chu va inhmeh ve a :-) Mau rau rau, an hmang thiam bik hle mai~
    Swimsuit hak hi zir ve ka mamawh :PP

  10. @Jerusha: Ka zen nalh zet zot bok a eee, ka inhmeh ve thei zel mai..lolz. Ei mai duhtok lovin, a zohin an zoh ta vel nih hi...mihring tamin an indaihzai bok a, tih dan2 poh hi an thiam zozai ania...Swimsweeeeet hak dan 'trick' kala hrilh don ce nia...i nalhpui viau ang :P