26 September, 2007

No.19: Melbourne

20th Jan - 20th Feb 2006
On the night of 28th October 2005, I was tossing and turning, battling hard to sleep when I had a sudden brainstorm. The more I thought about it, the crazier it seemed and the impossibilities came flooding in at the same time. However, I remember having a very strong conviction then. I slept brushing it off as a mere thought that would be forgotten the next morning when I wake up.
But I soon found that the idea was far from being forgotten. I wrestled with it, but somehow couldn't make it go away. Two days later, I shared this idea with my mentor, who very wisely advised me not to give up without taking positive steps first. And if it's not meant to be, then my attempts will not come through. Fair enough for me.

This crazy idea was to go to Australia. Crazy....because Australia had never been in my travel list, perhaps owing to its long and arduous process to obtain visa. The thought of going there had just not occurred until that fateful night. Anyways, I decided to take necessary steps in order to ease my mind. I thought that if I tried and the visa didn't come through...that's it. If it does...then its God's will!

So I started taking initiatives. I went through processes like acquiring necessary documents, sending the documents to Shanghai, giving phone interview twice with the Australian Ambassador in Shanghai and not to forget the constant help and valuable advice from B.Vanlalvawna, the then Vice-Consulate General of India in Shanghai. To my great joy, I was told that I was approved my visa to travel to Australia...yay! Now I was fully set to take a break from the freezing cold in Xi'an to spend my winter holidays for a month in Australia where it's sunny and warm. Woohoooo!

I was very excited but at the same time had various concerns as I was to travel alone. Given a choice, I'd always prefer to have a travel companion. My experience when coming to China on my own was already a bit stressful. But things went quite smoothly this time, probably because I was able to communicate in English and could read the signs :), unlike the first time I came out to China where I felt quite at loss as I couldn't understand any of the announcements made and my inability to read Chinese characters. I felt further blessed as I was able to get a very good deal on my round-trip flight ticket.

After spending 10 wonderful and memorable days in Shanghai, I finally left for Australia from Shanghai on the 19th January 2006 at 8:40 pm (CST). The flight took 10 long hours and we landed in Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne the next morning at 7:15am (CST).My first impression of the airport terminal was....uuummmm...it's not that different from Indira Gandhi International Airport!

My flight was delayed and E, who came to pick me up waited more than an hour for me. As she drove me from the airport towards the city, the first thing I noticed as always whenever I travel was...the blue 'pollution-free' sky and white clouds. Can't exactly figure out why...but I was hit with this feeling of familiarity when I watched the landscape as we passed by. Weird...I found it somewhat very similar to Shillong in India. Yet, it's thousands of miles apart!

I seem to take in everything with the curiosity of a child and a series of questions shot at E, who graciously and patiently replied to my unending queries. Many thanks to you E :) Another surprise for me was the residential area (suburb). I expected to see Melbourne full of high rise buildings and skyscrapers...more like New York City I guess :P. This proves to be quite a contrast from my previous mental picture of Melbourne. Most people live in houses and I reckon this to be the reason why I was so much reminded of Shillong *-*

I had just landed and had a month to find out all about the people and culture. As we headed for B's house where I was to stay for a few days, I thought to myself, 'finally... it's now time to enjoy and learn all I can about Australia'.


  1. nawm hmel thei ve a jinxte,kal ve chakom thin khop mai.

  2. Faerie te, kal la..chuan minlo hruai veleh laa.Nuam viau ang :)

  3. I was tossing and turning, battling hard to sleep when I had a sudden brainstorm.

    Pi Jinx, i bawn hmel mai mai!!!! I sure wouldn't wanna be the one sleeping next to you! lolz. Imagine how your future husband would react, when suddenly woken up in the middle of a peaceful sleep with a "Hey honey, let's go to Australia" idea! LoLz.

    Great pics and journal as usual, Jinxy. Always full of spirit and enthusiasm. That's my Jinx. :)

  4. Interesting details- Thleng hlim hlawl i ni nachungin :). Australia chu mumang lamah pawh kan la hmuh ve loh a ni e.Shillong nen a inan teh daih chu mak ve hle mai.

  5. Thnx Illusionaire. Ka che bon thei ania :)And you know what?...(Hopefully)my future husband will be like...Oh yeah darling...Let's go...and will start packing in the middle of the night...heheheee!

    @Maruata: Nikum kumtir ami daih tawh mah nise, Oz ka hmuh dan hrang hrang ka ron soi chhong leh mai mai hlom don anih hi...boring viau maithei ania:)

    Nia, keipoh mak ka ti...tine moni, a vai chu nilo mahse, Shillong minti hrechhuak tlat pek anih kha. Mak thei triah triah :)

  6. Kima ih maw,a future husban chuan azui duan duan dawn :))

    A kalna apiang ah Shillong a anga ti jel a..heheh

    I MelBawn kalin engmah min lo hawn ve lovahhh...Greek tawng in ka tlangau vak dawn mawn le :DDD

    Next destination : Greek ram :))

  7. Seki: Ka future hubby tur chu mawmmmm, a 'broad-minded' ngawt ang :o)

    I nupui tur hi ka ngaihtuah..extreme mizopa rilru triah2 siangah...'Pa' bawk sia nang chu...'Ramboooo'..hehee

    Skk ang ka ti don mi anih leh...:)
    Greek tonga tlangau dan kalo zirtir ang ce *_*

  8. melbourne!! I'm waiting for my Aussie visa and I already have my tickets booked , a little over-confident :-) I had a nice country-wide tour planned, but because of my mother's insistence about me making it back home for Christmas, looks like I may have to give Melbourne a miss. Now I really think I should rethink that trip...it sounds too lovely to miss..

    ps: Hemi tur hian nia swimsuit hak training ka mamawh ka tih, ka thrianten swimsuit hak loh chuan beach ah kan hruai lo ang che an ti sia haha :PP

  9. Jerusha: I fully understand your moms insistence on spending Christmas together.

    However, consider this..have you ever spent a Christmas - bikini-clad, BBQ-ing, swimming, sun-bathing under the bluest sky with lotza handsome hunk all around you in the beach?..get the picture?...hahhaa

    Swimsuit kha chu ngaihtuah buai duh suh...kei takngial pon ka va ha ve trot2 alom :) Engah mah an ngailo.....Kei phei chu tui ka cheng thiamlo lehnghal...:P

  10. hehehe... a in la zei ve tlatsss kan thiannu te hi *BIG GRIN*

  11. Illusionaire: 'Inla zei' nilovin zei ve sim sim alom....selo eeee...hehee

  12. Eeee Illusionaire, zo hram roh..:P

  13. Keipawh tui ka cheng thiam looo!! Ka awm chhungin ka zir pah dawn mawni ka ti deuh a, office ban piangin darkar khat zir ta ila..:)

    I wouldn't be listening to my Mom's whinings but she lost her most fav sister earlier this year and her first Christmas without her and all that..

    Jinx - I swimsuit ha lai hi a full pic in rawn post teh :-)

  14. Jerusha, chen thiam kher ngai hleihnem...a sirah nalh tawka in pose pahin midang thlir mai2 poh kha nuam tawk viau ani...hahaha

    Check out my new post for full pic with swimsweeeeeeet...:P

  15. ok...boring lo ve, han ziak zel la..ngaihnawm ve mai mai alawm :)