13 November, 2007

No.24: Girls Day Out!

J & R
9th November 2007
I took a break from the blogging world for the past few days. I was kinda busy as I had Aussie guests (J&R) for about a week from Sydney and New Castle respectively. We had a helluva time together :) One particular day, we had a girl's day out...and yep...I took them to the photo studio near where I live and spent several hours in the studio. A typical girl thingy :)

It's a three storey building with the first floor for make-up, a huge collection of dresses were on the second floor and the third floor is the main studio where the shooting is done. One can select outfits ranging from Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Victorian era, formal and wedding gowns. One of my students accompanied us and stayed with them throughout the time spent in the studio as I had to leave early. At the end of the photo session, they were able to take several professional, yet 'fun' photos. With my friends' permission, I'm posting the photos taken by myself and the professional photographers.

More than an hour was spent in applying make-up. It's rather amazing watching the gradual transformation on my friends :)

There were some chinese couples and I instinctively took a few shots of them too :-)

Sandwiched between two Aussie beauties *_*

Professional Photos

These are the professional shots. I made a few changes though...I spent a great deal of time using Photoshop for the first time. While peeps have moved on to CS3, I have Photoshop CS2 for almost a year now but haven't had the time to try it out. Needless to say I'm an amateur. I collated the photos (the ones I got from the professional photographers) and as you can see, it's far from perfect...but then...it's a good start! :P

Luv this shot *_*


  1. An va nalh ve aw.... nula chhelo deuh deuh hi nangmah timain rawn post deuh reng teh kan mit a tlai ltk :-) I reh hle mai ka tia thlalak ilo buaipui chiam vang a nih hi :-)

  2. @Sawmpuia: nia hei mikhual leh thlalak ka buaipui zo ta bawk a, min nin hlui tur khopin ka ron che leh maithei ani hhahaha

  3. photos chu a va han nalh hlawm ve a. i editing pawh artistic khawp mai. i thiante chu an sang ngei mai a, feet 6 an tling hial lo maw? :)

  4. I thiante chu an chhe lo hle mai. Ka chak ve zawng tak, in chei tawk a kimoni tih vel nen a lak ve khaa

  5. @Maruat: Editing chu ang ve tho tiro :) An sang dun zeih zawih ania.

    @Sawmpuia: 'Next' tur chu minlo tloh hunah ka kalpui ve ang che anga, i thlalak ni toh sela...te ka tia :P

    @Jerusha: Oz atang khan helamah ron tlang mai la...Helam ilo tlawh hi chu a ngai aniiiii...hehee