28 December, 2007

No.29: Christmassy Moments

Surprisingly for the first time, the University I work in gave us a Christmas party on 21st December. That was the best time they could manage as the students were to have tests from 22nd-25th December. The 5 foreign teachers (1 Canadian, 2 Americans, 1 Philipino and myself) and some Chinese teachers were invited. I was very impressed with the effort they put in to make it Christmassy. They had specially decorated the room and set up a Christmas tree and lots of goodies to eat.

Two media persons from the University were there to cover the celebration for the website. I got a thermos as third prize from a lucky dip for the foreign teachers among the other presents they gave us. There was lots of singing. There I was, home-sick and missing Christmas back home, but the party really cheered me up.

A week before Christmas, I took lessons on festivals. And of course, with Christmas just around the corner, Christmas was the main theme. I organized card-exchange and some games for the occasion. I played some Christmas songs while the cards were being exchanged and the students had a lovely time...including myself :o)

On Christmas Eve, I invited three colleagues (2 Chinese and 1 Philipino) for dinner at an Indian restaurant. We now have two great Indian restaurants in the city where I live. Though they've never tasted Indian food before, I was very delighted to see them joyously gorging down the scrumptious Indian food. Though it's considered disgusting to eat with bare hands in China, I was surprised and impressed to see one of my Chinese friends attempting to eat with his bare hand. You rock, L! :p

Another thing I couldn't miss to mention is that I really felt blessed to receive many Christmas presents this year. It may as well be the year I received the most gifts ever. To top that, I bought a Christmas present for myself. Yep...it's a percolator. I had been circling around different super-markets debating if I should get one. After our dinner on Christmas Eve, we walked back for quite a distance window-shopping and enjoying the night until we finally reached a supermarket where they sell imported goods. As it's a special occasion, I decided to purchase the percolator as a Christmas gift to myself. An ideal purchase at an ideal time indeed! Now I can have real grounded coffee. I know...I'm such a weakling when it comes to chai and coffee. I just can't help it :)

Christmas day was spent with friends and home-cooked lunch and slurrrrp.....cheese cake and apple pie for dessert.


  1. Christmas christmas the best christmas ever :-) Nawm hmel ve a, kumin krimas chu maw min zai tir dawn emaw tia, thusoi tawi an ti leh daih! Zai tur hi chuan haha ... soi thuilo mai ang. Chu in krismas hmang chu media in an um vut vut che u maw? van lar bik :-) Ti hi chuan autograph la tur ngat a rawn zin ka chak ta tlat mai :-)

  2. Nuam tho na chu a lunglenthlak bawk, zaikhawm awm ve silova :)
    Uni.tihlarna hmanruaah min hmang mai mai mole, luck chu 'kahaaa' ani ringawt.
    Ilo thlen veleh i autograph kalo dil var zok ang che. Lo zin vat teh, ka phur toh teh mai ania o :P

  3. eeee nitakah, khatah kha chuan foreigner i lo ni ve reng tak eh! Hetah chuan kan lo hmuh local theih teh reng che nen :-P

    Pic ho chu collage nalh hlawm khawp mai :) A dang te pawh rawn post leh la. A nuam in tih hmel hlawm hle mai. Han lawm vel chu a buaithlak em? A ruk a lawm te a ngai em?

  4. Thlalak en a nuam e, han report hlawm teh u, in hmandan hrang hrang te, kei chu ka hmang liam hram a ni ber mai..hehe

  5. @Illusionaire: Nia, hetah chuan ka 'made in foreign' ve raih mai hahaha.
    Hetah poh Christmas chu an hre khulup ve thova, mahse hman chhan tak an hrelo ani.Lesson ah 'Festivals' hmangin Pathianthu kan soi tel thei thin a, a remchang viau heng hunlai hi.Mahse langsar lutuk a Pt thu soi chu an phal lova, stds te lam atangin sakhuana lam zohna a awm chhung chu free takin kan sawi ve thei.Anih loh vek chuan soi toh angin festivals hmangin kan soi ve thei bok.

  6. Puia, tar lamah hi chuan a nuam dan a nuam tak tak tawh lo anih ber hi :) Hman nawm lam ai mahin hman tangkai dan kan dap a.

    New Year phei chu kan hmang khawro angreng; "Star wars" marathon ka thian pahnih te nen kan nei a, a series zawng2 a indawtin zan hnihah kan en tluan vel ta mai mai anih kha. A tawpah Kumthar inhlan tawngtainain kum hlui kan vai liam ve bawk a....intulo duh angreng ania..hahhaa

  7. I chuti ve bawk maw..Krismas kha chu a hming chuan reilo te chu kan zaikhawm ve bawk a. Joy to the world, Jingle Bell, Silent Night etc..te kan sa ta vel mai mai a. Mizo tawng ngeia Aw, Bethlehem dai a nghawr vel e, han ti dap dap mai a chakawm duh khawp mai. Rilruah Zorama lengkhawm zai ri a ring hle..

    Kumthar kha chu hna ka neih avangin zan dar 12 vela hal puah hrang hrang ri bak chu hriat ka nei meuh lo. Keimahin dar 12 a rik hma hretin Pathian hnenah in hlanna ka khumah ka nei a. Ka mu hmak, a tuk dar 5 a thawh a ngai ta bawk sia.. Engpawhnise, hman that hi a lo tha ber e, khuareiah inchhir awm loh an tia lom..:)