05 December, 2007

No.27: Beijing - Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China
8th July 2005
In the summer of 2005, I went to Beijing with my friend J for a week. That was my first experience of the over-crowded train ride during major holiday seasons. WhenIagreed to go by train, I had no idea just how crowded it could get, but I'm more attuned to it now. It takes about 13 hours direct from Xi'an to Beijing. The Great Wall and the Shaolin Temple are the two most important places in my list and have considered them as priorities for my travel plans. I consider it a great blessing to be able to visit these places in my first two consequent years in China.

Around the end of our stay in Beijing, my friend arranged for us to join a Chinese tour group to go to the Great Wall. We visited other places first and had saved the best for last. My first experience of joining the Chinese tour group didn't leave a good impression on me and have since tried to avoid them. The tour guide yapped away non-stop throughout the whole journey which was quite annoying. I promise you, the tour-guide's voice blaring through the loud speaker, the loud humming of the bus engine, the humid/hot weather and cramped ride can really get to your nerves after a while. We finally reached Badaling Great wall, thankfully, without much further ado. Phew!

There are several Great Wall sections we can visit near Beijing. We went to Badaling which is the most popular and is the best preserved section and is close to Beijing. It is located over 70 kilometers north of Beijing. On reaching the gate, our tour guide bought us tickets which I thought to be the usual entrance ticket. I was very surprised when we were led to this individual sled that were joined together to ride up instead. It's uncomfortable on the way up but turns out to be quite enjoyable on our way down as the sleds were dismantled and we were able to ride and control it individually.

We finally made it to the top of the wall. We went past plenty of souvenir vendors and photographers trying to persuade us to buy their goods and have our pictures taken. Once we reached the foot of the place where we had to start climbing, it was a little overwhelming to see steps after steps leading up to each of the watch towers. I took a deep breath (also because I wore short skirt...lolz) as I could clearly see that the hike up and down was going to be a serious undertaking. It's hard to believe that the old women were also there to make the climb. It was equally unbelievable to see several women with high heel shoes! It took us quite a while to make our journey up the super steep stairs.

Once on reaching the tower, I could see the wall snaking all along the hills in a distant view. The climb was totally worth it and the view was spectacular. It still feels like a dream to have visited one of the (old and new) Seven Wonders of the World!


  1. nang tal i lo va kal a a tha e :) hmuhnawmin a ngaihawm hle mai..thlalatu a sira dah daih tu che hi a laia tlangval pathum hi nge a 'aim' a a sira nula hnung hi tih pawh hriat a har hle mai..chuvang chuan mipa nge a nih a hmeichhia a nih pawh rin thiam a har hle mai..lols

  2. lolzzzzzzzz at u-Maruat. Khi thlalak khi lawm keipawn ka lawm em em. Kei chuan sap thlalakpui a chak em vang a tikhian a lak pui a ang ka lo ti zawk a sin. hehehe. Mi thlalak in pose lai a sir a lo lang ve tum tal i ang, ku Jinx-te.

  3. Wow, khawvela ka kal chakna ber pakhat a ni great wall vel hi. I vannei hle mai. Beng leh mit a titlai tak zet i pic leh thuziak te hian.. Great post.. Kudos..

  4. kal ve a chakawm thin! hetiang hmun reng reng i kal in min rawn hrechhuak ve thin la ka va ti em.....

    shaolin ho hian kungfut an la zir em? Fate dah duh dawn ta ila a theih em? 35th chamber kha kan naupan lai khan a awm a, a changtupa khan 36th siam kha a tumna a rei ta riau mai a, 77th chamber a awm tling tawh ang em le? te ka ti mai mai

  5. @Maruat: Nia hei, tu ber nge a 'aim' hriat a har khop mai. Zawh dan2 pawh min thiam e a...:)

    @Illusionaire: I ring fuh khop mai. Sap thlalakpui te hi a khat ve sia...a rukin an bulah kava lang ve hram anih kha...:P

  6. @Puia: I ti lomom hle mai. Mang lam pawha ka lo hmuh phak ngai bikloh ka han tlawhve ta mai chu ani a...vannei ka inti khop asin. Pathian khongaihna vang liau2 ani e.

    @rka: Kalo hrechhuak ziah thin toh don che nia..Vawithum rka..rka..rka kalo ti thin toh ang ommm :)

    A bulah 'kungfut' sikul chu a om alom. 77th chamber an zir mekin ka hria...:)

  7. keipawh Kungfu lam hi ka interest tlat mai a. Ke khai san hi harsa ka ti khawp mai a. Maruata te angin kan in khaithli vah si lo va, a zir ve theih tho ang chu maw.. fees te hi a to em aw? nu ber nena in tih thiam loh changa posi han lak vel nan tal pawh a tha alm le..:)

  8. @Puia: Khumhnuai atanga nu ber posi lak khum dan an zirtir tel em kalo zot ange :)