14 December, 2007

No.28: 'Warming up' for Christmas

14th December 2007

It's almost hard to believe we're now spending the last month of this year! The end of the year is all about Christmas for me. Come November, I'd already start reminiscing of my childhood when we'd look forward for the holidays, Christmas shopping, carol, feast and wearing pretty new dress on Christmas day. All the fun and contentment I used to have is now just a beautiful memory. Even then, my spirit tend to soar with expectation around this time of year thinking perhaps this Christmas I can relive those good old days.
This evening, I invited some students for dinner and to decorate my Christmas tree and apartment. They were all enthusiastic as they have never done this before. They are familiar with Christmas trees and Santa Claus but to actually take part in decorating it and learning the true meaning of Christmas is something new and exciting for them. They did a pretty good job on the decoration too. Christmas in China is highly commercialized. In fact, the shopping malls and streets are beautifully decorated and one can hear Christmas songs in many stores for more than two weeks now.

Well, the truth is, when I said I invited them for dinner...I didn't cook. They did all the cooking :) Three of them (two male and one female) are very talented cook. Since they all live on campus, I wanted to create a home-like environment for them where they can make special food of their choice. The weekend home-cooked dinner has become more of a routine for quite a while now. So, it's not yet pre-Christmas dinner. That is yet to come in a few days time. Tonight is just a 'warm-up' dinner :)
Other weekends we mostly had rice but this time they volunteered to make dumplings (momo). Believe it or not, there's only one restaurant (in China) where I like the dumpling so far...only one! But the ones my students made were superb! The fillings were a mixture of pork, leek, eggs and Chinese masala. Besides dumplings, an addition of roasted chicken, stir-fried 'qing cai' and pork-ribs with squash soup made excellent dinner. Burp!


  1. Krismas chhungte bulah hmang theilo mahila mahni sehna mual theuh a tha deuh a hman theih hi a tha. Eitur tuihnai ei tluk a hmuah dan tha a awm chuanglo. Zirlai eirrawngbawl thiam deuh hi nei ve ila. Theihtawpin eila theihtawpin exer ila leh mai dawn nia.

    Ti daih ila vawiin chu thil ka ngaihtuah reng a Krismas a meaning leh a form ( kan hmandan hi) kan changkang zel a a hmandan hi a krismas nih chhan ai hian kan sawngbawl deuhin ka hre thin. Ka sawi tui hma in tawp ang :-)

  2. Masi hi hman nawm chu nge Hman that chi aw? tih hi ngaihtuahnaah a lo lut ve fo thin a. Nikum kha ka hmang tha lutuk lo va, ka hmang nuam thung a, kumin erawh hman that ka han tum ve teh ang te han ti deuh duah ila..:)

    Lung a leng chho tak tak ngawt mai. Kei zawng leng tak a ni ringawt.

  3. Merry Christmas to you ... my old timer neighbour. :)

    I'd love someone to decorate my room but oops i won't be here in Mumbai atleast hehe

    Have a nice day! enjoy

  4. @Sawmpuia: Students rongbol thiam deuh neih chu nuam khop mai hei. Kartin eirong an ron bol thin a, a zawngchhang thlak khop mai. Tin,rbna a ka hma lakna poh ania. Cho ei khamah Pt thu zirpuina ka nei thin a, ttnaah minlo hre reng thin don nia.

    I ngaihdan hi ka tawmpui khawp mai che. Krismas hman chhan diktak hi tamtak chuan kan thelh duai tawh anih hi....a huau huah ah kan duhtawk der thin.

  5. @Puia: Hman nawm tum ltk chuan a nuamlo duh zawk fo ka tan chuan. Tunah chuan urlawk ltk lovin ka hmang thuai a, nuam duh zok phian mai :)

    Lungleng mi vak ka ni lo na in, tunkum zet chu ka lung a leng ve khawp mai. Carol leh masi boruak hrim hrim ka ngai takzet.

    Hetah chuan, sawi toh angin Mas tree leh Mas putar ah a zo vek zel. Mahse heng hunlai hi rbolna atan a tangkai si a, tan lak na hun ber ani. Zirlai tamtak hian Isua piancham anih bak hi an hrethui vak lo. Isua lo pian dan leh a chhan, kan TUM/AWMCHHAN langsar lutuk si lova hrilh nan hun remchang tak ani.

  6. Mnowluck, Merry Christmas to you too. And hey, no sweat, looks like you'll just get to enjoy :P

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  7. Eeee advanced merry Christmas to you Jinx-te. In prepare tha hle mai a :) Keini pawh hei kan chei ve tan dawn chiah a, a nuam dawn khawp mai. Nizan khan star chu ka tar tawh a, kan in kawtah :)

  8. @Illusionaire: Nia hei hmanthat kan tum chu anih hi.
    Sitar ber tar toh chuan a bak vak a ngai toh amon le.Hmanpui tur lah nei tha sia :)

  9. hihihi keimah chauh min reply dawn chuan "@" tih kha type leh bik kher kha a ngai hranpa lo a sinnn :-P

  10. anih *Illu :P
    Va meng rei ve a, mu toh roooh.

  11. Hi, i blog chhiar nuam khawp mai. China lamah daih te thawkchhuak thei in i awm bik a a ropui hle! I have a question for you though. I wonder if you're not having heatings in your apartment coz i see you wearing jacket which we would (in europe) wear only when we go out. While inside, even if it is cold, we would rather put warm pullovers but jackets are never worn inside the house. It somehow crossed my eyes. Pleae delete if you don't like my comment. Thanks..

  12. Hey Anon. Nice to see u here. I see you have good observation. As for ur question..you forget..this IS China..IN Asia :) Even in India (+Mizoram), I don't recollect ever taking off our jackets when we're inside. I gather, you've become quite westernised eh! One doesn't necessarily have to follow whatever's done in the west. It's cultural difference! Simple as that...:P

    Besides, we do have internal heatings + Air conditioner. But the dinner was held before the internal heatings were turned on and almost two weeks before Christmas.If you observe carefully, I used real tree and wouldn't turn on my a/c for fear that it might wither/die as I were to keep it indoors for quite a while. There....I hope this explains your query :)