07 January, 2008

No.30: Home Sweet Home

Yep, I'm going home! I was meaning to stay here and save up for this year's summer holiday somewhere far away from Asia :) But due to various unforseen although managable circumstances, I made a somewhat 'spontaneous' decision 2 days back. (No tossing and turning this time Sandman hehee) I came up with a very favourable International flight deal, arranged for the domestic flight in India and within a day, everything for my journey back home is taken care of.

Now that everything is settled for, I'm very much looking forward to be among my dear and loved ones. Don't get me wrong, I always miss home. But given the chance and resource, I'd prefer to travel elsewhere with the knowledge that I'll get the chance to go home the following year anyway. In order to travel in a long and far away land, that's the like of sacrifice I have to make. With divine intervention, it's my hope that I'll still be able to travel to my desired country for my summer holidays. I'll keep my fingers crossed :P

I'm a bit uneasy as I'm taking a new route this time. I've always gone via Delhi but this time I'll be going via Kolkata on the 12th of January which is a bit unnerving as I'm not familiar with the city. I'll have to stay overnight and it's my hope and prayer that I'll get a good hotel near the airport, that my flight from Kolkata won't get delayed and that everything else will take place smoothly.

I'll be home 'sweet home' for six weeks. Until then..adios!