06 March, 2008

No.31: Old Photos

I had a restful and wonderful time for 6 weeks in Aizawl, Lunglei and Shillong respectively. I'm now back in Xi'an for the third week and started work in full swing 3 days after my arrival. I hardly had time to relax and reflect on my experiences, let alone in updating my blog! I'm gradually settling back to the normal life of getting up early, changing my meal time, adjusting to the time difference and back to a secluded life in my rather huge apartment. Even the knowledge of billions of people around me don't seem elevate my loneliness. I really miss home!
At home, I was able to do something I've been meaning to for quite a while now - recapturing old photos in my digicam! I remember stacking away piles and piles of it and I realized how it has become suddenly important over time and can as well be considered as family/personal 'treasures'. These photos can never be recaptured! There's also the chance of losing or accidentally destroying them and can never be recovered. And I don't recollect having saved any negative films for reprinting. So, I took it to task to retake the photos for future storage.

Our beloved family dog Simba, who died two years back while I was away. He gave us much joy and loving company for eleven years.He will ever be lovingly remembered!