01 April, 2008

No.32: Shaanxi - Ankhang

21st-23rd March, 2008

Two weeks back during Easter weekend, I find myself walking the streets of Ankhang with nine other foreign friends from Xi'an. Ankhang city lies to the south of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province. It's about 5 hours away from Xi'an by train. I have had a pretty rough time since I came back to China and wasn't all enthusiastic to join the trip. But it turns out to be a good time for the much needed rest. I spent one entire day in my hotel room resting while all my friends went out boating in one of the largest artificial lake Yinghu in Northwest China.
I enjoyed the walk in the small and quiet yet modern city. The local people were very friendly and hospitable and I love the not so busy streets and the simplicity of the living condition there.
Our Chinese contact P, a chemistry teacher in Ankhang University, arranged all the needful during our stay there.

Photo: With Ankhang University students.
Inset : An impromptu Latino dance lesson :)

On Holy Saturday night P arranged for us and some of his students to go to a temple. It wasn't very far from our hotel and stood on a hill and was beautifully lit up. Very conveniently, it was a full moon night and renders a special effect on the cloudless sky. The entire area and the reflections of the lights on the calm river that runs parallel to the temple was a pleasant feast for the eyes.

Every time I went home to India, I'm left camera-less! Friends or relatives...umm...I need not explain further. Anyways, the point is, I went to Ankhang without a camera. But many thanks to S and P for willingly letting me post their pictures of Ankhang.