01 April, 2008

No.32: Shaanxi - Ankhang

21st-23rd March, 2008

Two weeks back during Easter weekend, I find myself walking the streets of Ankhang with nine other foreign friends from Xi'an. Ankhang city lies to the south of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province. It's about 5 hours away from Xi'an by train. I have had a pretty rough time since I came back to China and wasn't all enthusiastic to join the trip. But it turns out to be a good time for the much needed rest. I spent one entire day in my hotel room resting while all my friends went out boating in one of the largest artificial lake Yinghu in Northwest China.
I enjoyed the walk in the small and quiet yet modern city. The local people were very friendly and hospitable and I love the not so busy streets and the simplicity of the living condition there.
Our Chinese contact P, a chemistry teacher in Ankhang University, arranged all the needful during our stay there.

Photo: With Ankhang University students.
Inset : An impromptu Latino dance lesson :)

On Holy Saturday night P arranged for us and some of his students to go to a temple. It wasn't very far from our hotel and stood on a hill and was beautifully lit up. Very conveniently, it was a full moon night and renders a special effect on the cloudless sky. The entire area and the reflections of the lights on the calm river that runs parallel to the temple was a pleasant feast for the eyes.

Every time I went home to India, I'm left camera-less! Friends or relatives...umm...I need not explain further. Anyways, the point is, I went to Ankhang without a camera. But many thanks to S and P for willingly letting me post their pictures of Ankhang.


  1. China ramfanbu ah kanla complie dawn nia. kal elo in i hre zek teh ang, i zarah.

  2. nawm hmel phian zel mai..China ram hi chuan tlawh tur hmun nuam hi a ngah ngawt mai ti raw..

    Kan ram a awm ve se tih hi a van tam thin tak em...

  3. @Sawmpui: Mit ngeiin ila rawn hmu thuai don thova,chutah kanla compile dun ang chu mole.Ilo kal hun tur kalo thlir veuh2 reng toh ania om :)

    @Seki: Ni chiah, developing country theuh2, kanla umpha meuhlo chu anih hi.Zin2 pawh hi rualawh a tina mai2.

  4. a va mawi reuh e...! an ni chu an tam an chhawrtangkai thiam ngawt mai..

  5. Awzzman ilo leng lut hlawl a i ti lomom hle mai. Ni ngawt mai, tam tlur ringawt lovin, a chhawr tangkai dan thiam hi a pawimawh khawp mai. Rualawh hi a na duh khawp mai.

  6. A va hmuhnawm ve aw.. Kristmas i hmang tha bawk a, boruak a hot chho viau dawn te pawh a ang..:)

  7. Nawm hmel e...

    Yay! My Feedjit traced you now... It shows you are from Asia-pacific Region.. hahaha

    Eh! the one there with specs looks a bit like Lal hehehe

  8. China thla pawh lo eng ve thei hle mai rin loh deuhin :P Ka rin aiin keipoh CHina hi nawm hmel phian zel mai..

  9. @Puia: I Azl hon report i blogah kalo chhiar thina, mahse kala comment hman meuhlo ani. Helai chu proxy hman a ngaih avang hian buaithlak kikawi ltk a..huiz! Chuan, comment ho atangin i nakruh bo zawnhmuh lam pawh kalo chhiar ve thin a, hawng theuh theuh kanin hman tangkai hleih a ang hle mai :)

    @Mnowluck: Ooopsy! Looks like my cover is blown :P Come to think of it, he really looks a little bit like Lal :)

    @Jerusha: Nia hei mak reuh khawp mai, China ah lehzel thla te anlo nei ve reng mai..hehhe

  10. Great pics as usual.

    What is "holy Saturday night"? What occasion?

  11. Good question Illusionaire :)'Holy Saturday'is a term not widely used. Infact,I haven't heard of it until I came to China.Now that I'm aware of it, I think the term is aptly used as it signifies not any other saturdays,but THE saturday during easter or one of the most important final days of easter.

    The entombed day of JC is called Holy Saturday,or simply put, the Lord's day of rest.The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, when there's suspence between the two worlds of sin/darkness/death and the restoration of light to the whole world/resurrection.

  12. Heu! nomhmel khermai!i reh vang vang a,inlo zin daih chu niin...in kannei zau toh sia.lo zin thuai teh u,mikhual thlen kan cho zek zek ania!winter ah chauhlo poh kan khua hi atlawh tlak ve tho ania aw :)

  13. Sino,kalo zin thut tak2 maithei ania...lo inring ruuuu...hehehe! Ruth i pon hmanni minlo phone in, lo tlawh che u a tum tur thu te a sawi nual kha mole. Kan ei da zo vek ang che u tih chu hlauhawm...chaw te hi ka heh ve angreng sia lolz!

  14. Nice pics...in thla lakna background sen tawk hmaah khan bruce lee phiar tawka 'posi' a lak duh hmel :)

  15. jinx china lirnghing kan lo hria a, a nghawng phak che u em? Midangte enge an chanchin?