17 July, 2008

No.34: Bangkok - Cultural Show

18th August 2006
I went to Bangkok for 10 days during my summer holidays in 2006. As soon as I landed in the airport (old airport then), funny thing is, I felt as though I reached home. There were Mizo's everywhere, or so I thought, as we have very similar features :) Though a bit humid, the climate seems to be most agreeable with my skin which glowed with a tone I never realised possible. I toured several places and has since become my favourite place on planet-earth. I had the most amazing and exciting time of my life. I looove Bangkok! The pictures in this post were taken in a cultural show. Well...I'll stop ranting and just post pictures instead...here you go..

Just called 'Thai Bamboo Dance" I don't exactly know what it's called in Thai.

Note the looong nails. Will be great for a miewww....cat-fight :P

Too bad, my other pictures of the wedding were blurry as I sat about a few metres away and was a bit dark inside.

I remember having watched Muay Thai on TV several years back. The thought of watching it live (though on a show) never crossed my mind.


  1. Thai bamboo bance ah hian 'mipe' ho an lam ve hial lo maw:)

  2. bengvarthlak thin, i post hi ka enkual hian thlalak lam hi vinegar englona lam tak anih ka ring ta...i vak zau a, i vahzau zarah keinih kanlo bengvar pui a, a ngaihnom thin nen duh aiin i update khat a! han trang teh...tha thei khus mai!
    Seki hian Thai MIPE ho kaldan a zirthiam bon!

  3. bamboo dance hi cheraw nen a in ang em? tin, muay thai hi cultural show ah cuan an telh ve tihna m ni?

  4. @Seki: Mipe an nih leh nihloh kalo hnim hnai tlat lova, hre chiah lo. Mipe lam hi i bengvar tlat. I tan liau2 mipe ho kalo post thuai ang :)

    @Kumtluang: Nangni angin ziah lamah ka englona lam ani ve silova,thlalak lam post ah ka ramtang ta mai nih hi. Karleh hian Xining (Tibet bulah)ka zin leh thut don.Km atanga in chhuah ni tur chiah ah keipoh ka chhuak ve ang.In ngaihom don ngei mai.

    @Luliana: Cheraw/bamboo dance tih lam SE Asia ami ho hi a inang put hian ka hre mai.O nia, Cultural Show ah khan (Bamboo dance, Muay thai, inneih, kungfu chikhat etc)an ti kop vek mai.