28 July, 2008

No.36: Kanchanaburi - PoW Cemetery

Kanchanaburi War Memorial
15th August 2006

On the way to The Bridge of River Kwai (previous post), we stopped by at the Allied War Cemetery also located in Kanchanaburi, about 3 hours drive west from Bangkok. This is one of the two Cemeteries in Kanchanaburi Province.

About 7,000 PoW victims are buried there and the cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It was very moving to see the wartime photos, original PoW relics and artifacts and graphic life size displays of amputation surgery and ulcer patients undergoing treatments in the War Museum located next to the cemetary. The hardships they went through is unimaginable.

The victims buried in this cemetery are mostly of Australian, Dutch and British nationals. I had very little knowledge of the history of the Burma-Thailand railway construction other than from the movie I've seen several years back. I wasn't aware that Indians were involved in the construction of the railway. Naturally, I was quite surprised and touched to see a plaque at the main entrance to commemorate Indian war prisoners who lost their lives during the construction of the Death Railway.

The headstones bear the national emblem, rank, name, company/regiment, date of birth, age and epitaph of the fallen victims.

Rest In Peace


  1. Thlanmual hetiang a siam hi a rapthlak lo deuh :P I zin reng mai, chakawm ve thin..

  2. 2006 khan tlawh kan tum ve a,ka kal pui tur nu khana peih lehlova kan kal ta lo.Nawm hmel khawp mai.Kohima war cemetery ngawt ai chuan pui hmel deuh lawm :-D

  3. @Jerusha: Nie, thlahrangho poh an hran duhloh hmel bik a thianghlim ltk a.Bihrukna tur an nei tlem em mai :)

    @Seki: Poive o.Mahse, kal leh hunah ni mai lom tiro.