02 August, 2008

No.37: Solar Eclipse (Video)

Solar Eclipse on 1st August 2008 (7:00 - 8:00 p.m)

I constantly read about the Solar Eclipse on the news and a pretty good opportunity of viewing it in Xi'an. I was determined not to miss the chance to see such a rare eclipse. But I wasn't sure if we would be able to see it clearly with the smog hovering above us almost all the year round. Anyways, at 6:45 p.m I grabbed my tripod and camera (not exactly built to get the best shot for this event) and rushed out. I was quite relieved to see that even through the haze, I could make out the eclipse. I wish the tall buildings weren't there as I couldn't capture the eclipse ending as seen in the video. I could hear loud cheers as the eclipse gradually darkened the sky into total darkness. I myself was pretty excited.

I thought of posting the video I took in my blog but realised that the videos turned out to be rather too big a file to upload it. I attempted using Windows Movie Maker. Taking on the challenge to edit videos for the first time, I cut, cropped and split the unwanted parts only to find out after an arduous and huge amount of time spent that there's a glitch with my movie maker and couldn't save it at all. Oh the precious time I lost...I'm travelling on sunday and I have plenty of better things to do :( I wasn't ready to give up though. So I turned to the ever helpful google. After browsing, downloading and installing/uninstalling several (free) video editing softwares, I finally managed to get one that works, though it comes with the software watermarked on the video for a free version. But the fact that I was able to see the solar eclipse and finally managing to edit my first video is quite satisfying :)


  1. Ka mit!!!! Ka mit!!!! Ka mit!!!!


    A va chiang bik em emmm... Mumbai ah chuan kan office pumpuiin varanda-ah kan chang vek a, mahse chhum chauh kan hmu thei... chuan ruah a rawn sur a, office chhungah kan tlan lut leh vek. A bum mai mai a sin :)

  2. En ve ka tum a, ka hawi chhuak ve a tlai dar 5 vel ah, east lam thlir hmasa phot a, building thla hmuh veleh ka hawi lam adik lo ani e tiin west lam balcony ah tlan phei leh a, a lo sa bonra top a chu zawng chu ni mai, en te chu sawi loh men pawh ka meng thra thei lo...

    Ka chunga comment tu pa khian, tunah khian a mention lo mai mai anih khi..A han en a, chhum tam tawk a han hmu a, Bible ah 'chhum zingah' tih vel a tam vang hian niang, inlarna hmu emaw a inti ve ringawt! LOL

  3. Solar Eclipse hi Mizo in Lalmanga Nu lawm rawih ni kan tih kha em ni kha...? :-PP

    A music i hman chuan lungatileng LJ &Dali min tihrechhuak, i music duh deuh kha ni tak e.