15 August, 2008

No.39: Three..two...one...

14th August 2008
I'm visiting my Mizo friend and her hubby, the Istrates in Xining for two weeks and I'll return to Xi'an this weekend. This picture was taken on the night of the highly anticipated Olympic Opening Ceremony. We had dinner at my friend's with E, a Mizo who also came to Xining for her holidays, and an American friend. Over dessert of chocolate ice-cream banana split, we watched the artistic and colorful display of the opening ceremony and cheered for the participants of our respective countries broadcasted live on TV. It wouldn't be as much fun if I were to watch it alone back in Xi'an. I'm so glad I decided to come. And as it turns out, it's definitely a lot more interesting with friends. Jiayou Beijing Olympics!


  1. Linx, hei ava nawmhmel em em ve! invaiin ka ngai ltk che u, Azl kan thlengfel e, lo dam angche u

  2. In ngaihom hle mai. Hei kan hmang nuam ve ani mai. Mahni chauha en ai chuan a nuam zok feeee :)

  3. Awi i block ah i dah tih ka lo hre lova, a lo nalh hle mai.