27 October, 2008

No.45: Tai Bai Mountain

Tai Bai Shan
24th-26th October 2008
Several friends and I went to spend last weekend in Tai Bai Shan which is about 2 hours drive from Xi'an towards the west. It's my second visit to Tai Bai Shan. But the last time we went, it was snowing heavily and didn't go up to the mountain peaks.
We arrived in the evening and checked in at Qianbaizhong Grand Hotel at the foot of the mountains. The air was crisp and fresh and the weather was very pleasant throughout our stay. As October is an off season for tourists, I particularly enjoy the quiet and sparsely populated village.
The pictures above are noodles made of corn.
We took a mini bus to Tai Bai Shan and as we reached the entrance, I was surprised when we needed to show our passports. I've rarely encountered such requests before. It costs us several minutes before we could finally proceed. (I later came to know there is a military base up in the mountains). The bus made a stop at three different locations: at a waterfall, a Temple in a cave and at the Tai Bai National Forest Park.
Qingling range
The winding pattern in the picture is the road that leads up to the mountain top. From the mountain top, we can either hike for another 3 hours or take a cable car to reach one of the peaks. We chose the easy way up and went by cable cars that took us 16 minutes each to go up and down.There is a small mountain trial at the top that leads to another peak. We decided not to go any further as the trial was slippery with hardened snow and would require another 2 hours hiking to reach the other peak. The view was amazing and I find the trip totally refreshing.


  1. I miss Tai Bai Mountain. I'v been there once during May of 2005.I arrived the highest peak. There has some professional climbing teams.I'm very proud of myself. Coz i heard hardly people who is unprofessional to arrived there.:)

  2. Nawm hmel leh pek si ve!

    ~ Sekibuhchhuak.

  3. "Noodles made of corn"

    ka vawikhat hriatna..a tui ve tho em? Tai Bai chu a nawm hmel hle mai..vairam khawlum atang hi chuan vanram tluk a nih mai hmel :)

  4. umm, hotunu chu rawn bei bengvarthlak leh pek hle mai. Mit leh a tlai narawh. Tai Bai tlang velah chuan doctor an mamawh awm hle si a, kan hotupa kima (Luliana) hi rawn chho se, a luck viau awm si a, ka ti deuh a..:)

    Tak tak a na, khati lam chanchin kha Mizote nena khaikhin zawngin rawn ziak tam thei ula, keinin kan lo zir ang a, file ah kan lo dah tha hmak hmak dawn nia. Kan thleng phak ve mang si lo va.

  5. Hemi khua a mipui ho hian kung-fu an thiam vek hmel :) nausen thlengin an rawn tiger claw crane style vek theih ka ring hrim hrim :)

  6. @Rachel: Wow..you climbed all the way to the peak? I'm so proud of you :) We had no time as we decided to go back to Xian at 2:30 pm. Went in the morning, took the cable car and zoomed back to return to Xian.

    @Seki: Tine a i ron anonymous tak mai? Zin hi chu a nuam thei zel mai.

    @luliana: Corn noodle chu tui ve tho e a. A danglamna a hriat hran vakloh. Hetah chuan e, noodles hi shape hran hran, thil dang dang a siam a tam mai. Kei ka awt zok che asin..khaw lum hi nuam ka ti zawk a :P

    @Puia:Nie tiro hotupa.Luliana hian helamah rawn thawk duh ta thut mai se, lawm a kim viau ang...keini Mizo ho leh Tai Bai mipui ho tan :)

    I rawn sawi ho hi ziak thiam tak nih a han ziah ka chak ve thin ngawt asin. Ziah hun te pawh ala awm mahna le.

    @Illusionaire: He khuaah hian e, Kungfu thiam leh thiam anin kalpel suau suau a, thiamlo nih kha a ch-k tawh zawk mole. I ti duh, nausen ho pawh 'drunken master' ni sa vekin alom anlo pian chhuah hehehe

  7. A nawm hmel hlee mai! Keipawh khawiah pawh zin dawn chuan off season zel a kal hi ka duh ber, tlangram nuam tawkk mai hi ka zin chakna a rei tawh..Chuan corn noodles khi ka ei chak tawpp!!!

  8. Mi tlem na hi nuam kanti zel toh mai nih hi hetah pawh. Corn noodle chu tihchi phian. Zoram lamah pawh siam ve theih sim sim. Potato, rice noodle etc te pawh a awm. :P

  9. you must had a nice time there.

    // Jadu, all-mixed.blogspot.com